“Silencing Echoes”, which was the original name of my personal healing memoir, takes a look at the various ways we attempt to silence the painful echoes from our past with frequent damaging effects on our health and spirituality as well as those around us. This non-fiction book is based on the parts of my life that not only hurt me the most, but taught me the most. The primary focus is not on the horror, but the healing and choices I somehow made to not be a victim in spite of my history.  “My echoes” of abuse were very difficult to silence. But I did. And, sadly, my story is not even close to the worst stories of abuse that exist out there.

The book has morphed from those beginning days, and has been renamed to “My Radiant Hell – Healing Tidbits from a Wounded Soul.”  While writing, I discovered I no longer needed to share all the horror – I needed to share the healing.

So, this new book, coming out soon is going to touch everyone’s heart – whether they are the victim or the perpetrator. There is help here for everyone – victims and readers alike. And yes, there is help for the ones who use violence in its various forms to control others.

When will this book arrive?  End of 2017.  Maybe sooner.

Check back for updates.

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