Silencing Echoes

Book in Process


This non-fiction book is based on the parts of my life that not only hurt me the most, but taught me the most.  There are things in this book that no person on this earth should ever experience, but the primary focus is not on the horror.  The focus is on the choice I somehow made to not be a victim in spite of my history.  My echoes of abuse were very difficult to silence. But I did.  And, sadly, my story is not the worst story out there.

Bottom line on this book is I’m reaching out and trying to touch everyone’s heart – whether they are the victim or the perpetrator. There is help here mostly for the victims because they didn’t ask for it, but there is also help for the ones who use violence in its various forms to control others.  We tend to forget they probably didn’t ask to learn from their own perpetrators.

When will this book arrive?  End of 2015.  Maybe sooner. Check back for updates.


Faux Pas?

Am following some fabulous author’s out there and to date, I have only seen one who talks about a book they are in the process of writing. Maybe I’m doing a faux pas by putting this question out there.  Why?  What are the pros and cons about sharing some information on the books your are in the process of writing?

Maybe because I love truth and raw information it seems nice to share a bit about a book in process.   Not the entire story line.  I’m probably a teaser at heart anyway.