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Falling Into the Garden of Healing

Debbie Engelmann

Debbie Engelmann, Doctor of Natural Health and owner of Created by Nature Wellness, LLC, in Burnsville, is a contributing author of the bestselling Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness book, created by Älska Publishing.

Engelmann’s chapter, “Falling Into The Garden of Healing,” is the story of her plunge into deep depression and anger following the deaths of both her sisters months apart. By allowing herself to lose control, she grew from her personal grief and found her way back to wellness to become a healer herself. Engelmann shares, on a daily basis, her focus is on “ways to help others learn how to solve the greatest mystery of all—ways to love self in order to heal self.”

Writing the contributing chapter helped her not only affirm the events of her own healing, but also to recognize how fulfilling getting the message out to the world that we can all heal has become.

“We are all very diverse in how we heal, and the healing stories of how others heal themselves teach everyone that healing can happen—even to them,” says Engelmann.

The Heart to Heart book series features a collection of inspirational stories from some of the world’s most influential teachers in the field of personal development as well as contributions from self-help veterans and New York Times bestselling authors. Älska Publishing has experienced bestselling paperback sales despite the dire state of the current book market. With the closure of many of the large retail book stores, Älska has launched over 75,000 copies of their range of book series, with contributing authors spanning over 30 countries.

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Live Podcast Interview MONDAY!!

Awaken-and-Thrive-Sq-300x300Dr. Andrea Pennington Announces

An Interview with Dr. Debbie Engelmann

“Natural Healing for Trauma & Abuse”

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Dr. Andrea brings you an inspiring interview with Dr. Debbie Engelmann, a Doctor of Natural Health and Traditional Naturopathy, as well as an Herbal Practitioner, reminds us of our divine ability to heal naturally and recover from trauma and abuse with grace.

Dr. Deb’s story, Falling into the Garden of Healing, appears alongside Dr. Andrea’s story with 40+ other amazing authors in the new book Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness“.

Having experienced abuse and devastating loss in many forms, Debbie never lost hope, nor her innocence. Her love of Nature and all things natural allowed her to uncover her healing gifts and share them with her patients and now the world!

In the book, Debbie talks about the death of her two sisters, Vicki and Sandy, who died months apart. Her journey through the darkest hours of her life eventually led to healing of mind, body and spirit. She shares how she pulled herself out of the depression and devastation and found her true self.  Listen in as Deb discusses how abuse in her childhood and the tragic loss of both of her sisters revealed how her hidden emotions led to her sickness, yet ultimately awakened her ability to heal – – naturally.  Deb’s story will speak to your heart and inspire you to go beyond your pain to find your own Garden of Healing through alternative remedies and therapies.

Prepare to be inspired and discover how YOU can use natural healing methods to heal yourself from past trauma and drama!


This podcast, hosted by online life coach, motivational speaker and bestselling author, Dr. Andrea Pennington, offers insight, inspiration and practical guidance on how to return to our rightful place of vitality, power and purpose!  

In Dr. Andrea’s recent
TEDx talk  and her chapter in the Path to Wellness book she shares how she personally overcame depression and anxiety to live more confidently as her ‘authentic self’ with alternative healing remedies, positive psychology techniques,  meditation and qigong. Now she brings natural healing and longevity wisdom from around the world in this interview series.